Frankincense and Aromatherapy

frankincense1Calming, Relaxing and Destressing

The mysterious frankincense has been used for thousands of years throughout many ancient cultures of the world, including the, Roman,  Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian, Hebrew, and  Greek  civilizations. Frankincense was highly sought after and was valued a lot more in comparison with gold.  It is actually still used today by the majority of the world’s religions.

Frankincense is one of the few resins that come from a tree which can be burned as incense (frankincense tears) or used as an essential oil.

The frankincense tears are extracted from a tree (Boswellia  Carteri) which only grows in dry desert conditions. The tears are extracted by shallow cuts into the bark of the tree. The resin then flows out, dries and hardens and is then harvested and dried naturally in the sun.  The trees themselves are not harmed during this process and there are trees still producing this resin after hundreds of years of harvesting.  The older the tree, the better the quality of the frankincense tears.

Frankincense has many properties that can assist in healing.  One of it’s major uses in the past was as an antiseptic. The pure oil would be spread across a wound which would prevent infection.

It is also said that Queen Cleopatra would use pure Frankincense oil in her beauty regime and Kohl – the black eye liner that the Ancient Egyptians were so fond of – was produced from the burned remains of frankincense tears. The Ancient Egyptians would burn literally tons of frankincense during their rituals.

Frankincense when burned has an extremely calming effect, helping the mind and body relax.  It is best to burn pure frankincense resin on a special charcoal disk.  It is highly recommended that you do this at night or when you are preparing to go to bed as it is extremely relaxing.  Used in combination with cedar wood oil, it will provide you with a very deep sleep – naturally.

Modern day research has shown that frankincense does indeed have a number of therapeutic effects. Scientists have found that frankincense oil has a positive effect on arthritis, rheumatism and other inflammatory ailments.  Frankincense is also known to have anti-depressant properties and also helps strengthen the immune system.  It seems like the ancients were onto something.

Sesquiterpenes are a component of Frankincense oil , and this stimulates the limbic system, the hypothalamus, the pineal and the pituitary glands.

Burning Frankincense tears will slow down your breathing so this is an ideal fragrance to use when meditating. You may also use frankincense tears in a vaporizer if you have a cold or bronchitis/laryngitis as frankincense helps clear the lungs. You may also use frankincense essential oils in a bath to help relieve a cold or any aches and pains you have.

Adding 5 -10 drops of pure frankincense essential oil into your face cream will benefit mature or aging skin.

Frankincense is truly one of aromatherapy’s best kept secrets. It will calm both your mind and body, help you sleep, take care of your beauty needs,  acts as an antiseptic, assist with getting over coughs and colds and help ease your aches and pains.